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Website Design

Typically, customers looking with the above listed requirements are in need for the design, support, and the maintenance which we can provide. Services can be designed on - site or off-site as you desire!

Consulting Services

Within our consulting services portfolio, the range goes beyond hardware/software sizing and includes specific application development, office design work, system layout, office location assistance, and relocation packages.

A full complement of business partners are brought together in this process offering diverse talents to meet customer goals.

Security Services

As the enterprise becomes more complex, the threat to business assets tends to intensify. SAFCO'S Enterprise Security Services provides comprehensive security expertise that allows clients to make informed decisions based on their business requirements and information technology security infrastructure. SAFCO can deliver design, configuration, testing, deployment and management of network and system security to protect intellectual capital within the enterprise.

SAFCO brings the experience in industry best practices that encompass a full suite of security services allowing clients to minimize risk while maximizing their security posture. Security Services include:

  • Enterprise Security Services
  • Security program development and implementation
  • Technical and business security plans with risk assessments and gap analysis
  • Security management and team monitoring
  • Business continuity
  • End user awareness education programs
  • Security Assessments
  • Tactical security assessments
  • Network security assessments
  • HIPAA Assessments
  • Technical Security Services
  • Security architecture reviews
  • Secure product installation

Leasing & Financial Services

Our leasing and financial services are tailored to meet individual needs---We can lease all above services (Hardware, Furniture, Software, etc.) International Expansion is approached with Insurance & Guarantee from Banks for our foreign client base.

Network/Product Integration Multi-vendor Hardware & Software Providers

SAFCO's experienced analysts will be happy to discuss your business objectives and operating constraints, review your current technology and infrastructure, and make recommendations for practical and effective ways to use technology to reach your goals.

Our Services include:

  • Windows server and Networking services
  • Disaster recovery and high availability solutions
  • LAN / WAN Implementation

Many different manufacturers offer and have a particular strength in meeting an application requirement. SAFCO combines the efforts of a "multi-vendor" approach to supply not only one solution but, a myriad of choices and integration services (installation, service/maintenance, training programs).

Video Conferencing

Success in today's highly competitive business climate demands cutting edge communications resources. What better way to connect, collaborate and interact more effectively with your business partners, remote branches, vendors than with videoconferencing and audio conferencing capabilities.

Office / Computer Room Design & Furnishings

The natural progression of office/computer room design and furnishings include electrical, environmental design, raised floor and wiring for the computer room. A full complement of partners are involved in this process…again allowing the customer a "one point" of reference with the combined approaches of several providors working together to bring a higher level of excellence you desire.

Staffing Services

SAFCO also extends the additional services of personnel to meet emergency deadlines, (project basis, hourly basis) part time and full time employment. Click here to send us your resume and we will get back to you.

Asset Tracking Management

Its a completely integrated solution that tracks your most valuable assets, Hardware and Personnel.

The System consists of Three Main components:

  • Readers
  • Active RF (radio frequency) Asset Tags
  • Software

Asset tracking benefits:

  • Stop theft and Save $$$
  • Actively track your equipment and Save $$$
  • View the location of equipment on your PCs
  • List the Assets:
  • by department
  • by floor
  • by description
  • Control access of staff and contractors
  • Maintain 24/7 inventory control and listings.